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synthetic ketonic resin

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synthetic ketonic resin

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Rosin super synthetic adhesive resin is made from acid modified polylol with esterification and condensation, appearing as irregular clear pieces of solid. It dissolves in ester, ...   2011-04-12
Jiangxi Fuda Perfume Chemical Co.,Ltd
Universal Aldehyde resin of SA-81 and SA-101 The appearance of aldehyde resin of SA-81 series is white or slight yellow granules. It is a kind of aliphatic aldehyde hard resin with ...   2011-04-20
Jiaxing Zhapu Young Metallic Products Co., Ltd.
HCPE resin(Adhesive Type)is a excellent synthetic polymer material which has a fine overall performance. It take the special polyethylene as raw material the product which results ...   2012-08-22
Weifang Yuzeng Chemical Products Co., Ltd.
2,6-Dimethyl-4-heptanone Molecular Structure: Molecular Formula: C9H18O DIBK (Diisobutyl Ketone) Applications/Uses Automotive OEM Coatings for Automotive Plastics Coalescing aid ...   2010-07-09
Downa Industrial Group Co.,Ltd
Product Name: Acetaldehyde Synonyms: Acetaldehyd;acetaldehyde(ethanal);Acetaldeyd;Acetaldeyde;Acetylaldehyde;Aldehyde acetique;aldehydeacetique;Aldeide acetica CAS: 75-07-0 MF: ...   2016-04-01
Zhengzhou Yibang Industry & Commerce Co.,Ltd.
Synthetic Resin YF-50 YF-50 is a kind of high hydroxyl value resin. It’s non-toxic and light-coloured. And it’s soluble in any solvent used in coating industry except for fatty ...   2011-05-11
Guangzhou Yifu Chemical Materials Co., Ltd.
Powdered NBR HLN35-4 1. Product Character HLN35 series of powdered NBR are modifier which are specially for high molecular material such as PVC resin, they have good compatibility ...   2013-12-12
huangshan hualan technology Co.,ltd
Specifications: PJ13-80F is a short-oil alkyd resin on synthetic fatty acidwhich can be used to formulate high quality two-component PU clear and light color top coat. It has good ...   2011-01-20
Jiangmen Paint Factory Co.,Ltd.
ParaformaldehydeCAS Number:30525-89-4molecular formula:HO(CH2O)nH(n=6~100)constitutional formula: Product use For organic chemicals, synthetic resin raw materials, also used as a ...   2011-03-31
Nanjing E-strong Technical Co.,Ltd
Uses: 1, plastic processing and automated packaging applications (smoothness of sexual, open, decentralized nature, light, etc.). 1, in the polyethylene and polypropylene films, ...   2011-03-16
Density g/CM at 250C. : 1.18- 1.22 Acidvalue mg.KOH/g. : 1max Hydroxylvalue mg.KOH/g. : 250- 320 Softeningpoint Capillary Method 0C. : 80- 100 Viscosityof 55% solution is spirit at ...   2011-05-31
TaoSign Corporation specializes in research and and manufacture of Methyl Ethyl Ketone, MEK Name: MEK CAS No. 78-93-3 Other Names: Methyl ethyl ketone MF C4H8O Grade Standard ...   2012-08-26
CHEMaster International Inc.
TaoSign Corporation specializes in research and and manufacture of Methyl Ethyl Ketone,MEK Name: MEK CAS No. 78-93-3 Other Names: Methyl ethyl ketone MF C4H8O Grade Standard ...   2012-09-08
TaoSign Corporation
Molecular formula:CH3COCH3 molecular weight:58 acetone has another name called first ketone of two methyl, for the simplestsaturation ketone, is a kind of colourless transparent ...   2011-07-22
The great happy factory
Methyl ethyl ketone (mek) CAS# 78-93-3 Methyl ethyl ketone is also called butanone (abbreviation mek) . The product is colorless and transparent liquid under normal temperature. It ...   2008-05-16
Liaoning Tianyuan Industrial & Trade Co Ltd
Specifications 1.MEK 2. purtiy: 99.9% 3.accept SGS test 4. supply ability: 600 MT/month, Prompt delivery MEK 99.9% Molecular weight: 72.11 chemical structured: CH3COCH2CH3 relative ...   2013-04-19
JTY SY L Chemicals Co., Ltd
Chemical Name: Vinyltrimethoxysilane Molecular Formula:CH2=CHSi(OCH3)3 Property and Index: Colorless transparent liquid, soluble in organic solvents such as alcohol, toluene, ...   2016-05-04
ZiBo Hongrun New Material Co. Ltd.
YD-E Ink Products Note--Order YD-E Ink YD-E Ink to oxygen epoxy synthetic resin material mixed paint from the goods of the printing operation, the applicability of the material and ...   2010-12-30
Shenzhen Cianda Science & Technology Co.,Ltd
neopentyl glycol (NPG) 1. purity:99% 2.white crystalline powder 3.25kg plastic woven bags 4.used as plasticizer,surfactant Basic Information of Neopentyl glycol Molecular formula...   2013-12-13
Shenyang Huijinfengda Chemical Co., Ltd.
use Mainly used as the solvent industrial explosives, plastics, rubber, paint, leather, grease, etc, also can be used as synthetic ketene and acetic anhydride, iodoform and ...   2010-12-30
Wuhan Xingzhengshun Export and Import Trading Co., Ltd.

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